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polar habitat

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stop motion

hi i’m back

today we are going to talk about my stop motion this is a 24 second stop motion. the stop motion has a scene in the wild robot this is the most important part of the wild robot its when  roz jumps on the tree that coses the eggs to fall. then she finds bright bill and now that makes it really important otherwise the wild robot is not really a thing.

 is my stop motion i did it with EderKing aric18 and shaynas1. shaynas1 and aric18 are the voice acters so me and EderKing are adding the sound affects.

also my self reflection /what went well and what would you do different next time 🐼

making the stop motion is very fun i think making the clouds and the trees went the best way. but what i would want next time is having more stuff to do/having a smaller group because my group didn’t give me lots of stuff to do and the stuff i wanted to do i couldn’t really do it that much.

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Indigenous project

Hi i’m back today we will talk about my indigenous project,

Choosing time:

First we chose our partners I chose Maia. Next we chose our book we chose The Mohawk Nation! We learned all about it then we practised and practised our lines we each had two lines.

Our mistakes:

We made a spelling error it was the us state of New York but we wrote the tata state of New York.

the pictures of Mohawk nation project:


sound blog

 Hi! I’m back today were going to be talking about sound,  


Listen to yourself making a sound just by talking If the door is closed then you can’ t hear if the door is open you can hear. and if  a desk is moving you can totally hear it.


 Vibrations are Kind of moving things. But you can probably hear them sometimes touch your neck then put your hand under it and you can feel your neck vibrating. While you’re talking. 


Whenever you talk like if you’re in a small room maybe it’ll echo. echos are something that kind of bounces back at you. Or if your on a mountain maybe it will echo too sometimes it will happen sometimes not it sure has happened to me before it was really cool. If you want to know more about echos heres a video you can watch 


Pitch Is a high or low sound a Flute makes a high-pitch sound where a tuba makes a low pitch sound Sometimes high-pitch can hurt your ear And sometimes lower pitch you can’t hear it well as you would as high pitch

Experiment time

things you need first we start of with salt and a tuning fork and a plastic container and plastic bag.

your getting there then smack the tuning fork on a table and then hover the tuning fork over the salt and the salt should move + the tuning fork made a noise.


The ear is a project on making an ear so here is mine all of my classmates are doing it too I made this with my friend Maia. Here is a picture

Hooray you did it 

…and now you know all about sound!!!

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Science light project (my first!)

Hi, i’m back!

Today we will be talking about my first very cool project….. LIGHT! It’s all about how light travels in a straight line! Cool right?

I learned all about it and guess what?! I also learned about things that reflect light and things that emit light. Here’s things that emit light -TV-sunlight-candle-stars. Now here’s some things that reflect light -table-shoes-water bottle-moon-books-window-wall  all of those things kinda just emit and reflect light.

light is important to humans they need it to see and they need it otherwise it will be too cold for the humans to survive so it will lead to human death.  for example the sun you need the sun to survive otherwise it will be dark and you will die.  

Also did you know about natural VS artificial? Now you’re going to know. So artificial is man made like a table and natural is like the sun. Natural and artificial are very different things.


And now we know all the things about light well all that I know of anyways bye oh and! here’s the picture of this blog  light - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

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Going to New York state

 I went to New York state just to go get food. I have never tried the food but it was delicious. I’d really like to try it again. that would be great! I tried yogurt with chocolate and I had cheese sticks and Oreo sticks. It’s basically the Oreo cookie and the cream inside on the side to dip it in. It was delicious. The people who came with me were my dad and my sister and we all loved it. I drove there for like 1 hour? But all i know is it was awesome and I might go again . Anyways then when we were driving back we saw the Ogdensburg Prescott International Bridge.separates Ottawa and New York state. I wish we got more food from New York state. There was even Hebrew on the wall of the grocery store.  That bridge would be great to bike on too!

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Israel Project

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Israel Project

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Butterflies are pretty insects. 🦋🦋🦋 Butterflies can be orange, blue and many other colours.! My favourite butterfly is the morpho here’s a picture.They are really pretty. I think they are amazing!. They also look very cool. Here’s some facts. 1. Only the males are blue. 2. Blue morpho butterflies love the light.

Anyways that’s my blog about butterflies. Bye!!!🫧

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About Me

     Hi I’m Emma, my favourite animals are monkeys , pandas , rats. My                 favourite colour is orange.  I have a pet named cooper. My favourite food is chicken nuggets and fries. I like to draw.  Anyways that’s about me Bye!!

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