June 14

Self directed science

Hi i’m back and today we are going to be talking about my self-directed science project.

My partner was Maia we both did everything together except our blog posts. We were doing a stop motion on how crystals grow and here is some information about crystals.

How crystals are made:

Crystals are made in nature when molecules start to cool and harden. That process is called crystallization it happens when magma hardens or water evaporates and when nature mix too.

What crystals are made for:

Crystals are used for rings and jewellery and housework for example quartz usually is on a table in a person’s house. You also usually would wear diamond necklaces or earrings.

Where to find crystals:

You can find crystals almost anywhere the most common place to find them are in reveens and forests.

Are crystals rocks or minerals?

Crystals are minerals, not rocks.

What is the mineral cycle?

The mineral cycle: The plant grows then it turns into olive oil then it reduces from olive oil into a type of rock ash comes in and the rock turns into a mineral and the mineral turns into a crystal.

now that you have read all the information I know i can tell you how me and Maia stop motion turned out: Me and Maia made a couple last-minute things. starting with a person and 3 more crystals for our stop motion. We also took turns recording and taking picture by picture and we had to have the right lighting which was hard to find. Then once we finished it looked alright but not amazing because the camera moved but it was okay. Maia made the moon I made the stars we both made the rock path and we both made the trees and we both painted it. It took around 1 week and 2 days to finish and it turned out just fine but it was really fun to make.

Here are some pictures of us building and our stop motion of crystals being made.



June 7


Hi i’m back

and today we are going to be talking about my journey on podcasting

Name of the book

The name of the book was drama diaries un-famous. The book was really good and i liked how ( SPOILER ALERT) at the end of the book her whole family got in the movie including Lainy but only her head. So she was happy in the end.

What went well

Our podcast went pretty well at the start when I made a joke saying “Libby the rotten  apple in a pile of candy apples. It got everyone to laugh so that went good and then it became apart of every episode. I would say “Libby the rotten apple” and Maia would say “in a pile of candy apples”. So now our podcast is great because of that.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed making jokes during it my jokes were: “Okay now we are bringing Mrs M in for questioning!” and “Libby the rotten apple in a pile of candy apples”. Mrs M would always say “Thank you for making the sound like a police interrogation!”. We would always say “Your welcome!” and we would all laugh it was so fun.

What I would do differently

What I would do differently is not to say “umm” a lot and make more jokes because jokes are really fun and saying “umm” every 10 seconds is just weird and not conversation-like at all all though Maia thinks that saying “umm” a lot is a conversation like i would always disagree.

Is podcasting good for school

Podcasting for school is really good for learning you can do it on books and other kinds of stuff. Also podcasting for school is way easier than typing up a blog post or writing on a piece of paper. Podcasting is just easier in so many ways because it’s just talking instead of writing or typing super easy.

Here is a picture of the book un-Famous:

Drama Diaries: Unfamous - Scholastic Shop


May 17


Hi i’m back

 today we are going to be talking about Mexico!

Mexico’s population:

Mexico’s population is about 132,805,682 on Monday may 15. Mexico’s population changes almost everyday.  That’s because every few seconds someone was born or someone died.

Mexico’s religion:

Mexico’s religion is Catholicism so most people in Mexico are catholic.

Mexico’s neighbour:

Mexico’s neighbour is the United states. The untied states and Mexico are trading partners. The United states are Mexico’s biggest trading partner and Mexico is the United States 3rd biggest trading partner.

USA flag

 Mexico’s geographic features:

Mexico’s geographic features are grijalva river and pico de orizaba. Pico de orizaba is one of Mexico’s biggest mountains if not the biggest.

landscape photography of mountains and body of water

Mexico’s popular foods:

Mexico’s most popular foods are tacos al pastor, tostadas and elotes they are all really good foods and tacos al pastor look a little like this:

fries and vegetable salad on red and white ceramic plate

Mexio’s holidays:

Mexico’s holidays are the day of the dead and cinco de mayo. On cinco de mayo you eat good food and most of the food is spicy. On the day of the dead you take this one day to visit your loved ones that died.

woman wearing black and yellow floral tube-neckline dress

Mexico’s language:

Mexico’s language is Spanish and my friend is learning Spanish so Mexico would be a great place for her since she knows some Spanish. Spanish is also a great language to learn because it’s challenging so if you’re up for a challenge start learning Spanish.

Hola LED signage

Mexico’s climate:

It’s really hot there It’s usually about 30 to 20 degrees It’s really really hot in Mexico.

beige sand during sunset


May 15

cookie excavating activity

Hi it’s me i’m back and today we were geologists and we were pretending a cookie was the earth. We had to count how many chocolate chip diamonds there were i counted 25 chocolate chip diamonds in total. We were breaking the earth to get all of the chocolate chip diamonds. Here is a picture of me and my class breaking chocolate diamonds.

and  here’s one of just me i have 2 cookies that i excavated.

We all had so much fun getting all the chocolate diamonds and destroying the world and

none of us really got a good world/cookie in the end but we all got a whole bunch of chocolate

chip diamonds and when we eat it when we get home it will be yummy but i need to be careful

because my world/cookie has a hole in it (we put it in a plastic bag)  bye everyone.


March 29

Innovation Day

Hi it’s me and I am going to be talking about medieval times.

lords vs serfs

This starts in medieval Europe and its a second name for middle ages not everyone was treated the same it starts like this freemen a serfs were treated the worst but they might just be the most important. they grow food and other important things.

The disease

The disease was called black death. The black death is a disease was infected fleas on rats or raccoon those kind of animals. It probably killed around almost all of western Europe. This disease first happened in the 500’s and the second part was in 1300’s.  This disease was very very deadly a lot of people died from it.

The great hallway

The great hallway is where guests family members and friends would come together. Dinner,lunch,breakfast were eaten in the great hallway. Many things happened there they had people sleep the (aka their servants). They cook their meals and small windows were there and there was many fire places everywhere. 


a drawbridge is a door that goes up and down. its very safe for everyone in the castle there are also sometimes chains on the drawbridge. drawbridges usually are up in the air and when people come in the castle they usually come in from the drawbridge. the drawbridge is a very important thing in a castle if you dont have it its not really a castle.

Feudal system 

you see this picture? well that is the feudal system. you can see at the bottom of the system the freemen and serfs they make crops for them and mostly for the king. now in middle class they need to do things that take lots of skill they would make clothes and much more they had very hard jobs. now in the 3rd section closest to the king there called nobles there was powerful people there not as powerful as the king for sure no where near as the king. There were leaders and church leaders. and finally the king had all of the power.


gears are a moving weal that usually touchs another gear. gears are also used to change the speed as well. and gears are very good for castles but some dont have some like mine. me and maia never made gears but the pully still works well like the others. so yeah me and maia never used gears at all but yet our everything still works.

Hypothesis: i think that me and maia did good and that its very detailed but the drawbridge dosent go down all the way so we need to fix that to add more metal to it so it goes down all the way.

Rubric: do you have more then 2 pictures ✔️ do you have bold righting and underline to help readers ✔️ do you have a video✔️ do you paragraph about castles,feudal system,drawbridge or gears,lords vs serfs✔️


other pictures of my work and a video of me and Maia explaining what it will look like

explaining what the castle will look like

our progress

What are gears

February 27

stop motion

hi i’m back

today we are going to talk about my stop motion this is a 24 second stop motion. the stop motion has a scene in the wild robot this is the most important part of the wild robot its when  roz jumps on the tree that coses the eggs to fall. then she finds bright bill and now that makes it really important otherwise the wild robot is not really a thing.

 is my stop motion i did it with EderKing aric18 and shaynas1. shaynas1 and aric18 are the voice acters so me and EderKing are adding the sound affects.

also my self reflection /what went well and what would you do different next time 🐼

making the stop motion is very fun i think making the clouds and the trees went the best way. but what i would want next time is having more stuff to do/having a smaller group because my group didn’t give me lots of stuff to do and the stuff i wanted to do i couldn’t really do it that much.

December 7

Indigenous project

Hi i’m back today we will talk about my indigenous project,

Choosing time:

First we chose our partners I chose Maia. Next we chose our book we chose The Mohawk Nation! We learned all about it then we practised and practised our lines we each had two lines.

Our mistakes:

We made a spelling error it was the us state of New York but we wrote the tata state of New York.

the pictures of Mohawk nation project:

December 7

sound blog

 Hi! I’m back today were going to be talking about sound,  


Listen to yourself making a sound just by talking If the door is closed then you can’ t hear if the door is open you can hear. and if  a desk is moving you can totally hear it.


 Vibrations are Kind of moving things. But you can probably hear them sometimes touch your neck then put your hand under it and you can feel your neck vibrating. While you’re talking. 


Whenever you talk like if you’re in a small room maybe it’ll echo. echos are something that kind of bounces back at you. Or if your on a mountain maybe it will echo too sometimes it will happen sometimes not it sure has happened to me before it was really cool. If you want to know more about echos heres a video you can watch 


Pitch Is a high or low sound a Flute makes a high-pitch sound where a tuba makes a low pitch sound Sometimes high-pitch can hurt your ear And sometimes lower pitch you can’t hear it well as you would as high pitch

Experiment time

things you need first we start of with salt and a tuning fork and a plastic container and plastic bag.

your getting there then smack the tuning fork on a table and then hover the tuning fork over the salt and the salt should move + the tuning fork made a noise.


The ear is a project on making an ear so here is mine all of my classmates are doing it too I made this with my friend Maia. Here is a picture

Hooray you did it 

…and now you know all about sound!!!

November 3

Science light project (my first!)

Hi, i’m back!

Today we will be talking about my first very cool project….. LIGHT! It’s all about how light travels in a straight line! Cool right?

I learned all about it and guess what?! I also learned about things that reflect light and things that emit light. Here’s things that emit light -TV-sunlight-candle-stars. Now here’s some things that reflect light -table-shoes-water bottle-moon-books-window-wall  all of those things kinda just emit and reflect light.

light is important to humans they need it to see and they need it otherwise it will be too cold for the humans to survive so it will lead to human death.  for example the sun you need the sun to survive otherwise it will be dark and you will die.  

Also did you know about natural VS artificial? Now you’re going to know. So artificial is man made like a table and natural is like the sun. Natural and artificial are very different things.


And now we know all the things about light well all that I know of anyways bye oh and! here’s the picture of this blog  light - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help